Thursday, July 15, 2010

I survived conference!

This is the sun setting behind us, as we head East thru the Mojave Desert.
We drove all Sunday, to the curry hotel...that made my poor hubbies eyes water...but exhaustion and little blue Tylenol PM pills caused me to collapse into a deep sleep!  I awoke to hot! I mean Needles, California is HOT! The AC was pumping, but the glow of hot seeping under the drapes was just beyond hot.  Yeah, yeah a dry heat! 

After showers we headed to the Denny's off the highway for fun laughter with the cohorts in the ministry (up the road from us) Dan and Peggy.  They are veteran drivers and attenders to the conference so I relish all her advice.  The top advice in which I will forever be in debt is to bring seat cushions! 
We got to the tent and tears began to flow! I didn't take any pics that first night due to being totally overwhelmed.  Vanessa is living for God! oh how I love that girl, and then another, Jesse and precious Jada who is a woman of God, and then Isaac and Naomi (the anointed couple), it kept blowing me away, Nathan, thin and still on fire for Jesus, the Luna boys, and a new convert Jacob! I kept crying looking at them, serving God, precious souls we prayed and fasted and then prayed some more for are making good decisions! Okay, I cried alot!
then I got silly with Vanessa:

oh how I love that girl! she sent me the fun pics and more of the folks from Alamogordo! 
I keep looking at Jesse Jr, with that 18 inch neck? wow! 
I also got to meet two blog friends in the Potter's House world!  First was Kerri, and for some reason, perhaps exhaustion? I didn't take a picture, but I loved her, she is a hoot and her kids beyond awesome.  Real kids enjoying life!  
I did take a picture of what I believe is the most photographed baby in the fellowship, dear Lily Rice:

After I uploaded the pics, to show our kidlets the adventure and folks at conference, I clicked and the girls yelled, "LILY!!"  She is famous you see! The dreamiest child, who was bouncing around the tent from one arm to another!  I also got to meet my blog friend Patti, and I went back and asked dear Peggy to take a pic of us to prove we had met:

 A funny to finding her.  I have been reading her blog, since Lily was born, and I went back in time and read her previous posts.  I love that she homeschools and seems calm...I search for calmness!  Patti has a few children, uhm more than 10! To me, she was a tall willowy woman, strong and gentle.  I was looking for a woman my height.  I told Peggy, and see, her children are not giants, but she is taller than them in the pictures...since they are 1. children and 2. her offspring!  ha ha
So although she is not tall, she is a giant to faith and fortitude, and I am so glad to have met her in real life!


Patti said...

oh ha ha, hope you weren't disappointed by this midget;) SO good meeting you in person!!

Pressed Petals said...

yay! LOVE the photos! You look awesome!

Keri Jo Wohlwend said...

It was so good to meet you in person. I totally understand the picture thing... we were both tired and hungry :) I will just be named the "invisible" blogger friend that your husband says he calls your followers :) Maybe next time we'll do lunch!

anna said...

Lily! Oh what a pretty little girl.