Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creative Team for a long, long time.

A few years back, I stumbled into the digital world. Grabbing freebies to put on my pages made with Power Point.  I thought for sure I would wake up one morning and all those who made the freebies would stop.  Frantically, I stayed up late at night, downloading and downloading. 
I then noticed that CTMs were working with kits and getting the kits for free! Hey now, I was on that like white on rice.
Carolyn Rose Kite was one of the first teams I was on.  For the past few years, my "boss" and friend has done a kit as a tradition  to release a kit on the anniversary of her friend and companion; Arron death each year. Designing these kits, and scrapping a layout about Arron each year, helps Carolyn get through a day that would otherwise have been very difficult to handle.
This year, Carolyn's team has a few new members, and Julie (mother bear) is one of them.  This is a very close knit team.  Our Julie lost her husband; Robert last year, and Carolyn has dedicated this kit to him.

Opening a kit that has been poured from another's heart, out of pain and loss is a sacred thing to me.  I seriously started so many layouts and trashed them out of frustration.  I have not suffered the loss these precious ladies have gone through.  I believe I had every element in this kit on my canvas at one time!
Finally, the cross was all alone, and the cross is a symbol, but there is more behind this symbol.  The words began to flow and as my children ate breakfast, I wrote this poem for a layout for REMEMBER.

It is more than something to hang on a
My Savior who died and took all my
I hear the foul words and gangsta
and see the large crucifix all covered with
and even the sweet innocent girls whose ears it adorn
wearing this cross  for which my savior was born
too sensitive is what I am told
it only  jewelry be it silver or gold.
Yet my life was on a course of hate and
until another told of the words  and God’s instructions.
It wasn’t their light or the jewelry they
But a man who was mocked and the Gospel he bore.
He asked of my life, my views and my 
I blustered at first and was actually  quite steamed
That a stranger would get involved with a sinner like me
Then I saw, the sin in my life, the pain  and wanted to flee
The word of God is alive and it  echoed in my head
I called out on this Jesus that night in my bed.
Since then I have served Him with all of my heart
not by a cross on a chain , but  by taking the part
That Christ died for all sins, but repentance is key
Receive Him right now, and be set free.

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