Saturday, July 24, 2010

The CASTs are OFF!!!

For those of you who have never had a cast, or been around someone on a day to day basis, let me tell you a tale.  This is not for faint of heart!  Anna is not a sit under the a/c and read a book all day kinda gal.  She is a go play as hard as she can and she SWEATS!
I want to you to remember back to that kids playing outside all day in hot sun smell.  The one that their hair is soaked and matted to their heads with sweat.  I usually just point to the shower and demand soap and water to remove the unpleasant stink.  That works for 80% of Anna's body...the 20% that is in casts (both her arms) are a breeding ground for putrid "superpower" strengthed smells.  I sat next to her in church and each movement of her arms brought wafts of an aroma that caused my nose to twitch and tummy flip in nausea! I am so not exaggerating.
I could not handle another weekend with the smells thru the house, and the enclosed van!  I called the doctor, please take this off sooner.  They agreed.  We had x-rays done on Tuesday and Thursday, the casts came off.
The nurse and the doctor are tops, we laughed and they played up the saw:

This instrument would cut both casts off, and supposedly not cut Anna.  The nurse began this evil laugh as they began the procedure......

Anna remained calm.  Then the doctor reared back his head in a strange and obscure way:
He mumbled and cackled and then his nurse joined him in the strange behavior:
Was Anna worried? I don't think so, she watched, wondering when these adults would get her casts off?
Okay, she was a little worried, and that darn blade gets hot!  One little ouch out of her and then the pliers:
One done, and then the next.......remember 2 casts? egads....the smell that emitted from these dual stink bombs....just try to put that out of your minds.
Abby took the camera as I washed the (insert gross disgusting word of your choice here) stuff from her arms.
We all made it out of the clinic, Anna now walking like Frankenstein, with her arms free of the casts, but her mind thinking they were still on.  We quickly exited the town and cruised to our Yuba City's Carl's Jr.  The girls enjoying cheesy fries and Anna cast free!


Pressed Petals said...


Veronica said...

I love this post. I got quite a chuckle out if it. My son just broke his leg this past Wednesday. His cast covers the whole leg. I am no hurry to get a waft of the odors yet to come!! :)

Sandra said...

oh YAY!!.... on getting the casts off, not on the smelly smells ;-)
how fun to see her eating fries in a normal way again.
funny doc and nurse you have there though LOL

Pressed Petals said...

have to tell you that monday night we went to the revival in cruces and i got a fo those that "God told me to tell you this as soon as you walked in"...basically, "God knows my situation, He hasn't brought me this far to let me go now." Then he prayed for the spirit of heaviness to leave and told me worry is a sin. (Haven't I been told that before?) I tell you Anne that I NEEDED that. My heart has been beating fast and hard for a few weeks now. tues and today it's pretty much back to normal! When it does beat a bit fast I don't get worried! Total victory report!