Sunday, May 30, 2010

what is happening in the scrap world

I have the giggles! Very bad giggles!  I am in a strange little contest with just a few women...teams actually...eleven teams.  Now the teams have 2 scrappers in them, but each team (mine is Anne with an E) gets a different partner each week. The partners are either designers or crew members (CT for the store) for Scrap Book Graphics
My first week I was with Tangie Baxter...yeah...her, the famous one!  I got to do a scrap marathon, individually with Tangie!  See how I throw that name off so easily, like we are best friends now!  Well, I am not like having slumber parties with her, but she is so down to earth, kind and silly.  Although, we came to a horrible difference in our lives, you see...well Tangie love nuts MORE than chocolate.  GASP!

Then Courtney and I did Movie Posters, her life was full and crazy and I was not getting into how to be inspired by something, as I think do exactly like the poster...but Courtney was fun and we got 'er done!

The next week, IM of laughter from Rhonda...who is crazy and after we finished our bizarre layout.  It really was bizarre/bazaar.  ha ha... Rhonda called me quirky!  Quirky..that word makes me giggle.  I so hope to live up to that word. Quirky.

Due to our awesome layout, we won that week!! So I got to chose my partner, and Kate (the great list maker of SBG) became my partner!
We spent hours, I mean hours playing with blends, papers behind, reflections, glasses and getting a mannequin to wear glasses.  Do you realize that noses on mannequins are tough to manipulate?
Team Anne with an E...won again!!! that made me giggle even more.

I then was able to pick who I wanted AGAIN!! so Miss BEhaving (aka Melissa) the photo manipulator queen and woman who can do a tutorial this brain understands.  I am on her CT also (ha ha, she doesn't have one...but if she ever does, I have guilted her into me being on it). 
We rocked this meatloaf craziness layouts, me with knife and wild look...just insanity. 

We didn't win, I lost to my nemisis...the chengie...from Suriname.  That will have to be a post in itself..she is my arch enemy and best bud in chat land!!  I have socks that are older than her, but I still like her!
So this week, our inspiration: Album covers.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...and my partner is LIsa of Studio Gypsy...she has lost lots of weight and we have discussed this.  I immediatly thought of Queen, Fat Bottom Girls.  Lisa was ready to take pics in bathing suit and everything...and she got wicked bad sick..oh my gawd will you live sick (and I think she lost more weight).  so Kate was gonna be my partner, we were gonna do something the beatles...I started on the layout and Miss BEhaving emails me( she can't figure out IM, this woman can do anything with her Adobe, but can't get IM to work) and says, I'm your partner now...

I show her my layout, and she (she has complete permission to kick my butt when she knows I am weasleing out of work) says why am I going so vanilla on this challenge? Caught, I don't even like the Beatles (sorry to 1/2 the world).  Well, I got GSO for the Beatles layout, and that made me giggle!! Miss Be and my layout is up at SBG, if you want to see it.  I will update on the winner on Wednesday!  Plus you can look at the other sides of the layouts..they are toooooooooooo funny, I got lazy about uploading them! h aha


Sandra said...

Anne!! you are such an hoot! and one of the bestest digifriends. Nice recap of the contest and congrats on the GSO ;-)

Pressed Petals said...

i love these layouts. wish i could see them bigger. jealous that you got to work with Tangie!

Julie (It is.) said...

Ah, so this is where you've been! Fun stuff!