Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kickin' off our first REVIVAL

I am beyond excited!!! Matt and Chrissy and kids are coming! Matt is gonna preach for us!! I could really just cry thinking about it. First off, Sacramento (Pastor Rubi) is sending a team to labor for us and a group to play! Tony got it into the parking lot at Starbucks! I made this flyer and was very excited about it...very different from the normal flyer!The back of the flyer is the announcement for the revival with Matt! We went yesterday to Walmart parking lot for a couple hours, and the folks were excited about the concert and had some great contact with people that were like, "I'll be there!" and what is this? was a superb outreach...we have double the amount of flyers and double the energy! lol...
please pray for this town of Yuba City and that we will see sinners come in and set free!
We are very excited to see everything still God has for us here in Yuba City!
Happy Mother's Day Alamogordo!!! You are our momma church and I am very grateful!


Mariah said...

Happy Mother's Day Anne! I was gonna text you this morning, but I realized I don't have your number any more! Not sure what happened there...I guess I didn't actually save it to my phone. Hope you had a great day!

Pressed Petals said...

i will have to call you after it's over. awesome flyers you've made!