Monday, May 17, 2010

the outreach Saturday was awesome!!

The church in Sacramento (Pastor Herb Rubi's) came and labored for us...and then had a concert in the parking lot at Starbucks. The Starbucks is on the property of WINCO, out major and busiest grocery store right on the corner of the highway and major intersection of town. Oh yeah it is busy. Starbucks was very excited to have us...they gave us permission. They had 1/2price frapachino's for their new "happy hour" that started that day!
***side note, I think we as a unit made that a success!**Well, WINCO did not appreciate us being on the property, and called the Yuba City Police. They came in full force (can you say 3 cars?). They were very polite and actually loved what we were doing and talked with StarBucks, found out we had permission, but alas, Starbucks rents from the police said we were gonna have to shut it down.
Tony prevailed upon them, that we were almost done (could we have 10 minutes or so)? They said yes, and another testimony, song and an altar call!
It was marvelous!



Rachel said...

I'm glad Saturday was a Success for you :) Love your Blog Signature with photo!

Mariah said...

Awesome! Sounds like a success! We had a good weekend here...32 in church Sunday PM! That may be a record! :-) New converts, visitors, and old converts with the victory! It was fantastic! Love your scrapbook page of the outreach.

Mariah said...

Hmm. I'm kinda inept here. I just noticed I'm following you twice. But you only appear once on my list of blogs I'm following. Well. Whatever. I guess I'm double-y guilty of stalking you then! haha!