Sunday, May 9, 2010

reflections of goofiness

I chat with some awesome ladies on Tuesday evening...they have become more than just scrappers, but a kind of family. We are in the middle of a contest, and this weeks challenge was to do reflections. Self portrait reflected photos in a layout. I was able to choose my partner, because I won the week before. I chose Kate..and for 3 nights we scrapped! Scrapped hard, and the last we had to take the photos to go in our creations:
Here are some of the highlights of the shots....
I started out very calm...then I saw Kate's and had to amp up my craziness. So you get to see photo shot #1 and then #2.I will upload the actual layout after the midnight deadline!
here is my layout and Kates:



Sandra said...

OMG Anne, you're a hoot!! ROFL, love thos pics, they are hilarious but SO you! off to check out your layout ;-)

Darcy said...

looks like fun!