Monday, May 3, 2010

the trip to the city

Oh the trip thru San Francisco was fantastic! A full two hours had passed and finally the bay was in view...little bridges were on the side...and the kids kept asking is that the Golden Gate....uhm no...that isn't it..just wait. Boredom in the van and being inside for almost 2 1/2 hours, hunger and our bladders were pushing limits. We went thru the tunnel...I was almost shaking I was so excited and so hopeful that my kids would love this bridge like I did.
Then it happened, we popped out of the tunnel and the gasps from everyone let me know they did love it!! It is just outrageously awesome! The picture doesn't grab the hugeness of this bridge!
We pulled over very quickly here to go to a small outlook to look down on the bridge. The weather was gorgeous and warm with a small cool breeze!
The bay is to the left and the Pacific Ocean to the right, looking at this picture. As you look behind us is San Francisco!
Back into the car to drive across and pay the toll at the end! Whew...small price for one time trip, but can't imagine paying this daily!

We went to yet another small park-where the specifics of the bridge are at, and the entrance to walk across! We had cold fried chicken, water and huge strawberries for a quick lunch.
Here is our Anna, up in front and loving it. Gabriel didn't like it, and felt very awkward with the height of it. Abby loved it also, and Eric smiled all the way!Here is a mini video of our can hear the traffic and the wind....bit colder out on the bridge!

At one of the spires, is a sign, and let me tell you, it will be on a flyer for our church soon! Tony had me rolling, staging his depression and desire to push the button for help.My honey and me in front of the wire(that is a real cut of the cable). For some reason I thought it was 5 miles, it is only 4200 feet, less than a mile.
It was a fabulous time and that my family loved the bridge like I do, makes me happy!


Pressed Petals said...

love it! you all looks good! just have to tell you my wrod verification is digiest. fuuny!

TheFoleyFive said...

okay im green with jealousy. yes i admit it. sigh..i want to go on fun family outings too! pick me pick me! ha. oh the joys of driving with a 3..2..and 10 week old. soon soon though, im sure they will be easier. I miss your energy mrs anne of alamo...we need to see you guys soon!!!!! (MY word verification is pargua...just trying to be cool too!)

Anonymous said...

the picture of tony staging to press the button was so funny - there was a fear I might wet myself!I miss his sense of humor and facial expressions. The trip looked like a lot of fun... we recently drove to Orogrande... I have pictures! -Jim

abby said...

That was the funnest day EVER!!!