Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yeah I know, no pictures

I have them on the other puter, but always forget to bring them over here! Quick update, I am sick...blah, intesteinal weird stuff and post nasal drip to add insult to injury. I called a sub for my classes, so I had to go in, ha ha I'm the substitute teacher! I want a raise!
We are struggling to get thru persuasive essays. I think my children are just not persuasive beings, they are so easy going, they don't argue!
It is raining so hard and the wind is blowing so that the rain is sideways...pretty cool actually! I am up later than I wanted, but this way I will fall into bed and crash (that is the game plan).
My cursor has disappeared, so I am pondering where it went.
We went to the library today during regular school hours, wow, being homeschooled, really has some perks, no other children, it was marvelous!
Okay, that's all from me tonight, where is my medicines?

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Me said...

sick here too. more so the kids. They can't seem to shake it. So off to the docs we go today. Hope you feel better teach!