Tuesday, October 13, 2009

pic from the vault of memories

Carolyn Rose Kite, (I love to use her full name, sounds so glamorous) has a new kit. She is real people, glamorous in my eyes! lol
As one of her creative team members, I am given her kit for free in exchange for making a layout and uploading it to a few galleries.
I put the layout here in my blog, because I make layouts of my memories. I don't get the kit because I blog, or because I talk about CRK. I do this because I love the kit, and am especially proud of the layout I have done and want to share it with the folks (the 8 or 9 regulars and occasional google hits) that come by my blog.
There is a big brouhaha (that is a real word btw), about the FCC and blog endorsements...well, come on over to my house and enforce it! In my little town, we have a new born buried yesterday, that has no name because it was found with it's umbilical cord and placenta attached in the river. Drugs are rampant, and crime is at an all time high, if the FCC wants to shut down my blog because I got a $5 kit for free and then blogged about it...come on down, but I'm tellin' you, you had better pack a lunch!
I step down off my soap box, excited that I am studying the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence with my 8th grader.
That said, this is the layout of our Abby, so proud of the helicopter that saved her life. I pulled this picture up, as soon as I saw Carolyn's kit; Planes, Trains and Automobiles ~I couldn't believe how small my children are...this is 5 years ago! I just stared at them...they have so grown...
I hope you enjoy this layout...if you want the kit, pop over to PickleBerryPop or Elemental Scraps(ES has a better sale right now!!).



Me said...

so sad abou the baby. those things break my heart. LOVE your LO! Love your lunch packing speech! ;)

Michele said...

Mega dittos!