Friday, October 2, 2009

Dreading tomorrow

You know years ago, when David Q was a young lad (now he is a father of one and hopefully one on the way..think girl) I would watch his soccer games. I mean I was into them...I would yell loud and furiously for the game, each play and be almost exhausted by the time the game was over.
I didn't have 4 kids in soccer. I think I might despise this game, the whole kit and kaboodle! My sons are good...they play hard! My girls enjoy the socialization...I mean, like chatting with the team theirs and the opposing team about their shoes, their hair tyes, and the nifty little things that hold the sleeves up. Their coach can't tell them apart, so he just lets one play for 10minutes and then has the other one sub for her sister. It is hilarious. They run real fast out and then watch the game. Anna got the ball once and scored...oh did I mention she is defense...she plays off sides by the other teams goal...yeah...I am not yelling on the sides, I am sitting in a chair listening to the other parents try to get her attention..."your off-sides!!" as she waves to me...I do a little finger wave and wonder what the snacks will be.
So, tomorrow we have one game at 9am, another at 9:35 and then...another at 12:15. Did I mention that about 5thousand other people are all jammed into this soccer complex? Oh yeah, it's a parking makes conference parking seem tame.
I drop the kids off and park in Nevada and hike back in to California. We bring enough snacks for us to make it thru the 5 hours away from a fridge and microwave. Sunflower seeds, sandwiches, Funions in hopes that they will breath on their oppenents, apples, and gatoraides. We have my chair, a blanket for the athletes to relax on, a phase 10 game for the 2 hour wait between game (remember the parking situation...oh yea, we wait inbetween games), soccer balls, my umbrella because only 3 of the 25 fields have shade!
So, tomorrow, think of me....smiling at the kids going back and forth eating every thing in our cooler!



KK said...

You forgot the corn nuts to snack on! That will knock out the opposing team and all the fans in one breath!!!! Instant win by default!!!!YEA!!!!!!!

Me said...

hahaha! i don't know if i could take a full day of games, but i probably would for my kids. great post!

Me said...

hahaha! i don't know if i could take a full day of games, but i probably would for my kids. great post!

eilajean said...

My Dearest Anne,

You are such a rarity - a soccer Mom who is truly honest about what a pain it really is... LOL. I am greatful everyday for the computer geek I gave birth to - who didn't care much for sports. We spent our time playing and hiking in the woods, or going to Washington DC to see all the really cool things in the Smithsonian. I do not know how you do it... Love - TRUE love and devotion.. the kind only a mom can touch!

Oh and why in the world is Eila up and typing at 4:55 AM you might be asking yourself... insomnia perhaps? Oh no... that would not be it. Power went out last night just before I was getting ready to turn in... so I called to report the outage. Lineman called at 3:45 AM to check if the power is back on... Bummer too, cuz I was in such a deep and wonderful dreamy sleep. Now... wide awake! UGGG!

Have a great Sunday Anne, and never lose your Joy!!!

BTW - I know I said I was going to post... and I am truly forming the words... even have a couple photos - sure to impress! Soon my friend, very soon...



Mariah said...

Love this! My kids were never sports oriented. Elliot is a computer geek. He loves to work out with weights but that's hardly a spectator sport! Sometimes I think I missed out on something in life...not being a little league mom or a soccer mom. Seriously. It would have been a fun...ummm....character building (!!!) part of our lives! hahahaha! I guess we have plenty of "character" going on around here though! ;-)

Mariah said...

PS. Random things you like...Susan Boyle. Her name is Susan Boyle. I liked her too. She's got some guts!