Thursday, October 22, 2009

home school update

This has been a weird week of schooling, we went to a Walnut Orchard field trip Monday, and then yesterday went to a fellow homeschoolers house to make scare crows!
My brain is slowly unwinding from public school, set times, test on everything and rigid schedules.
So last nite, at 3am, we all piled out of our warm beds and bundled up to stand outside to watch the Orianid meteor was cold, my slippers got soaked, but this morning, alarms were turned off and we all slept in...I awoke to Abby in her undies, giving me a big kiss! this is a big first and she ran off in a fit of giggles! I lay there and smiled, this is home schooling!
The rain last week, with super high winds...see those ominous trees of my neighbors? His whole house is surrounded by these huge things...very scary to me! But rainy weather is always good for science projects!
this Abby making a series circuit! I tell you, we had watched utube and discover education videos of this same experiment, read the book over and over and the girls could not grasp electricity, loads, paths or any of it. That bulb went on and Abby explained to us, that the path of electricity was complete! It was beyond awesome!!Okay, Eric is now fixing lawn mowers and small engines in the footsteps of my dad!!! I told him he had to keep his area clean and we would keep an eye out for a dresser or something...oh Mom, I know where one is!! Off they went down the street with our other find and old grocery cart to load up the free dresser! They are so hilarious with their treasures!


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Pressed Petals said...

your photos and blog make me miss you more yet helps me to feel like you are all here!