Saturday, October 24, 2009

Golden State

I am not a big picture taker of nature, but sometimes things just grab me, like the walnut groves here as they change in each season...but the one HUGE thing that gets me is the sunsets of California.
When we were in New Mexico, the sunsets were one of my favorites also, because of the pinks and swirls of clouds with the setting sun. There is something about the hue of gold that covers us as the sunsets here in California that makes me just very happy!
Last Wednesday evening we were picking up one of the ladies for church and I saw this as we were in the left hand turn lane on the hiway! Mr. E (my oldest) was in the front. I grabbed my camera and fiddled with it and had E lean back, roll down the window and this is what I got! woo hoo! I love it!
I have been on a sabbatical from a few designers while life gets more in a grove with homeschooling, and Lyndsay Ritchie over at Scrap Orchard, was one of the more patient ones...Thank you Lyndsay!! I enjoy playing with her kits, and this is my debut back with her team!


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Pressed Petals said...

stunning! Anne, I love it!