Friday, September 19, 2008

She isn't in the house.....Yet

Yes, that is my van, and that is the dashboard to my van. Lady (our outdoor cat) is enjoying the sun and staying out of the chilly wind. Tony caught her here and just laughed...
I am dreading winter and already beggin' that she just be able to come in the main living area where there are wood floors, not in living room (leather couches and carpet). Tony is firm and I am trying to be good. But she is so precious, and her hair is all soft now that she is eating good. Her purr is loud and makes me smile. She sings to me in the am...please please bring me my food..then knocks on the door with her paw!
Gotta run and pick up my tax exemptions from school!

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christine said...

HAHAHA!!! Tax exemptions!!! The cat's not worth the struggle. Keep biting that tongue! If the cat wins Tony's heart far better then you get your way. I'm talking from experience. I finally was able to talk to Toni, the lady I told you about, today!! C and I spent over an hour with her. She didn't pray, full of questions...promised she'd come sun night. Said, I'd save her a sit, she said she'd be there, she doesn't lie. We prayed for her at prayer and fasting. God is awesome!