Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hand of God

I did a layout using this pictue for a website I do challenges to help me learn things and I love how it turned ... check it out
I have been enjoying learning stuff...stuff is a little word for some amazing things these ladies do with one program.
Look at the picture, do you see the fingers? There are clouds around the lightning that look like the palm of a hand. I thought it was cool.
So on the is Gman's birthday, and we had his birthday party last weekend.
So today he really thought that it was all over...but you know me....
We got his favorite icecream, put candles all over it...and sang "happy birthday" he was grinning ear to ear. Plus he got a present...Transformers that he wanted so so bad! He is a happy little ten year old. How I love being a mom.
My honey has a bad cold, his throat is hurting him so bad....he took a 2 hour nap this afternoon. He is working so hard to find a job while still outreaching daily. I am very proud of him.
Oh good news....our landlords told us to get a new stove top!!! The one we have now only 2 eyes work...
Another blessing..curtains...nice wheat colored ones from JC Penneys...(found at thrift store, 3 panels to cover 2 sliding glass doors) all for $20!!! Yowza!!!!!!!!! Tony is going to make cornices to hang will be great come winter...they are lined. I am doing my dining room/kitchen in the colors of wheat and asphalt. Better known as creamy yellow and gray. The road to Oroville, (where we go for regrouping with our Pastor friends) has wheat colored grass on the side and the road is gray.
so I leave a comment and babble to me about your day!


Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that your honey is feeling much better today! ;-)

christine said...

Ok, nowww I see the hand!! It took me awhile!