Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been busy scrappin'

I am loving scrappin' now...have learned some new stuff and gotten a fresh dose of imagination!

Here are a few layouts you might enjoy!

the boys are having a blast in a blow up boat...they would rock this back and forth until one fell can see Eric's arms and legs only in one shot. They laughed so hard. I bet they were in that freezing cold pool for hours!

the other is my little BBQ and green chile! I tell you I am addicted to that green stuff! We got about 5 little freezer bags. I am waiting for colder weather to do a stew...but we had some MUCHO hot rellano's that evening....wowza...

The girls were in heaven, the boys eyes were watering.

I am off to email my tuesday updates! Oh wait, I almost forgot the In-N-Out layout! That place is pure grease man, pure heaven!!!


Anonymous said...

true that, there is nothing like new mexico green chile, as i can testify too, over here in boston, yuumy cant wait for fresh green chile, ( annie i miss your chile rellenos, with the amazin red sauce on top wrapped in a tortilla) and hot red enchiladas!!!

christine said...

Anne, can you DL the new link to my brag book page and tell me if it works or not? Thanks. I had to call Denise (neeceebee) for help!! She's the best! Do tell me what kits did you get from SM?

christine said...

Anne you are in the LO of the Week poll at Snap & Scrap! My friend Denise (neeceebe) told me. Good luck to you!