Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday and the Temperture is Rising!

California sun is making itself known! The pictue on the top of the page is at 8:15pm here in Yuba City! Beautiful! We took the kids over to a water park...FREE....

These pictures are the same nite as red sun picture. It was a HOT day! We stayed until almost 9pm! Notice the ladies behind Gabriel, these are Muslims! We are seeing more and more. When in public, they will not even acknowledge us!

The kids have a blast. We can't go to the public pool til Anna's injury is better. We are headed to the ocean Thursday, so the salt water will accelerate her healing!

I enclosed some pics
of Gabriel, as he was noticably absent on this page!


Christine said...

AWW...seeing Gabriel warmed my heart. I sure do miss his smile! Still hot here too.

Michele said...

Nice pics. There were a couple places like that in Ohio. It was really nice to go to in the evening. Very relaxing. Being free helped too!. Not many people, don't think they appreciated it enough. Plus everyone there seemed to have a pool.