Sunday, June 15, 2008

Come on in............

This is to welcome you to my Yuba City house. So when you call or read the updates, you can see the house. My dining room is the hub of the home. The kitchen is all the way to the left, a galley style. It is a tight fit, but fun! My coffee pot is almost always going! You can look out the front yard from my sink.
The light you see in the doorway against the clock wall is into our living room/Tony's office. Tony can shut the door and not hear us at all! So I can listen to Dr. Laura and Bill O'Reily without driving him nuts. The kids go in and out the side door there to the right. The sliding door swishes open just as many times as the screen door would slam in Alamogordo! The house is a perfect fit for us. Our landlords are just the sweetest and caring people. Tony put up ceiling fans in kids rooms yesterday, and they just take it all off the rent. Tony called about a screen door for the front. They brought over a beautiful door. Tony is going to put it up this week.......I hope! Poor man, I run him ragged. Pray for him!

So now I bid you good bye for now...

Enjoy your walk out my doorway, careful there are alot of flowers out there, the bees may be buzzing and hummingbirds are all over.

Remember the road to a friends house is never long. Hope one day each and everyone of you will walk up that path to my door...but for now we will just know the way!

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pressed petals said...

Knock, knock. Thank you for the tour of your new home. It looks so much like your one here. I am glad that you are keeping up your blog again. I will be a regular visitor!! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I will try to keep it up regularly. well, I had better get to bed now. Good night, my friend.