Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Frenzy

Energy level high! I was quite the happy homemaker today! My floors, mostly wood, got a good sweeping, and mopping.

The air is still very thick with smoke from surrounding fires here in NorCal.

I cleaned out the baskets by my chair. You know the ones that collect all the "when I get to it" papers. I got to most of them, by throwing them away! Yeah!

The kids schoolwork, alas I admit, I school my kids during the summer... It always starts out rigid and floats into a casual but highly anticipated part of the day...we are down to 1 actual hour of school 4 times a week. It is funny, cause in their free times, they work on school stuff.

But that school is a clutter petri dish just growing everyday. So we pitched a ton of broken crayons, dried up markers and pens. Sharpened the pencils we need and got rid of those with no erasers or erasers that make messes. The school supplies are all looking good.

School is in centers. Each for a 1/2 hour. So with 4 kids they switch off. One center is Mavis Beacon teaches typing on the computer. Second is one of one with mom, usually math or California History, the third is reading a book somewhere fun (usually mom's bed), and the 4th is arts and crafts. This is where they make thank you cards, or take pictures, and the recent trend is to find a scripture and make a picture that comes to mind. Gabriel did as I walk in the Valley of Death and had a scarry (oops, spooky) picture. Eric did "he makes me lie in green pastures". They turned out really well, so they are up on the wall! My dining room is decorated in crayon! ha ha

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