Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yearbook 2011

I committed myself to getting pages printed and the best way to do good to that commitment is to go backwards. I posted about getting my Countdown to Christmas all  uploaded on the MyPicTales blog. The main point being to keep it simple scrapper! I am really honored to create for some flippin' fantastic designers.  I have the options to make pages that are full of clusters, layers and just wow, as I am "working" for these designers.  They give me their designs free!  I know it isn't minimum wage, but the designers are not harping on me, they don't expect me to do more than ONE page, so I do that and more!
Anyways.....I am doing a catch up on the photos/events that need pages for our 2011.  This may help you get some books prepped and ready for printing:
My camera is set up to make folders in the program by date.  I went thru the dates and wrote a list of events, that still needed to be scrapped.
I had
  • Sacramento for Bows -shopping trip
  • chickens, coop building
  • mom to vegas
  • archery backyard
  • oroville-spillway
  • abby page (since she is the only one without her own page)
I got the first three done yesterday, and today, I hope to finish 3 more!
Shopping for Bows in Roseville (outside of Sac) done with the ViVa's Life Compositions, available thru the Daily Digi, but soon to be at TDC. I also used Simply Yins templates!
Next up: The chickens, the coops and all that goes with it! I used a Catscrap Collab called My Life, that I won from Catscrap!

and one I thought I had scrapped 8 months ago? My 12 hour trip to Vegas and back! I got to meet Tangie, and her family, some great digi friends, and kick myself for not taking more pictures....but I got the page!
 I am loving how fast and fun they are going together, I only have half the year done, and have 30 pages!  I am planing a smaller book on our adventure moving back to New Mexico,and then the other 1/2 of the year in another book! woot!! 

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Anonymous said...

Those are some amazing memories! Sometimes it seems like a dream....those three years in No Cal