Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The wonderful designers I rearrange for are slowing down for the holidays, and I think I am at a complete stand still! I have a few pages to share with you that I did over the past few weeks.
First off, ScrapBook Graphics, where I am free to shop and go crazy! I am already crazy, and just lost my mojo, but was able to get one done with Studio Mix #13 ~ Natural Elegance :
 and one for Berna, that made the new and improved  SBG blog! I used Berna’s Eye Love You Old Photos Vol 2, Counters-Month Vol 1, Think of Me, Kitsch Garden Unlimited – Modern Embroidery and Lowlands Elements
Tangie, whom I CT for on an individual basis also has the coolest sets out, Favorite Things.
my favorite cat hiding under the tree
[url=]A few of My Favorite things -Santa by Tangie of course [/url]
playing with blends and enjoying A Few of My Favorite Things (Christ Child) by Tangie

I know I have a few others for the ViVas, but they were DigiDares and another for Scrapn'Art ezine, and I am totally confused in my head. bhahha
So, tomorrow, pop over and I have a FREEBie!! A Christmas Card for you!

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Joy aka GoddessJoy said...

They all look fantastic, of course! Your little butterfly is beautiful!! :)