Tuesday, December 27, 2011

End of the Year Pages!

Closing up for the year! I have had such a blast this year, creating on teams that just blow me away! I want to show off a page that is so touching to my heart.  You see my son, Gabe, is very smart, but the system was really failing him.  He has been homeschooled now for 3 years and he has just excelled so much! I made this page so fast, but I love the whole feel and attitude.  I also think Lynn-Marie has such a gift for putting a kit together, and her collabing with my friend Chengie with the kit IQ.
Now a bit of laughter!! During the holidays, everyone kinda goes on zone! I truly love making pages and become a bit addicted...okay, I admit it I am a goner for scrapping just for the pure fun of it. I sent a beg of work to the remarkable designers over at ScrapBook Graphics and Charlize Creations took me up on the offer with her New Years kit called Nouvell Groove collab with Kitty Designs.  I got a giggle, perhaps the big picture is my new trademark, but this layout was done in minutes!!
I made the photo b&w with some of Pioneer Woman's actions, then laid one of the papers from Nouvelle Groove over the photo and used the blend mode til I found the one I wanted! I love this page and it is going in the 2011 photo books for sure!  I felt so bad for making a layout that quick so I got a bit more intricate using an older photo of Abby:
 The woman who can make me just laugh out loud with her fun antics and energy, Mirjam! I humbly ask for apologies, for this page was made a long time ago, and it went for free in November Digi Files  at the Daily Digi.  I totally spaced uploading til now.  The kit is now on sale at her stores, but go to Zig Zag and buy Wanderlust.
I was rather proud of myself, for taking the hand and moving that thumb with the PUPPET warp feature!! OH OH OH, it is the bomb diddly!!
Last but not least, I sat during Monday night football, and had not one NEW kit to open.  I simply love to scrap and listen to football! I love it!  I broadcasted my status on facebook and Netta of Creative Victorian Designs saw my need and sent me her soon to be released kit: First Noel
You have to know something about Netta, she can NOT make a mini kit. It is impossible, she gets into her kit and it grows and grows and grows.  So making one layout is a crime.  Her kits are versatile, you can use them for the actual "theme" or take them out of the box also.
I wanted to just play and use shadows and lighting and loved having the Nativity scene available:
Netta's papers are nothing short of delicious, this next one is a family I love and pray for so much! I really enjoyed the colors in the photo, and how the coordinated with the clusters made from the kit!
I also finished a Christmas Countdown book! Thirty pages in 25 days! I uploaded and sent it off to be published and you can see the pages on my other blog, More of Us, Me and the Family.

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Balinda {RebelChick} said...

That puppet warp is a bugger. Love the travel page!