Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday, Friday....all that has been done!

Today is a day off for me. From school and all, because my beloved and sons are headed to Phoenix for a Men's Rally with the church.  I proclaimed it a PARTY day for the girls!! So we are having all the "widows" ladies from the church over tonight! I am so looking forward to it! Crazy woman!
This also makes it a good time to post the layouts I have done over the last week.
I will begin with the wild, crazy and talented Mirjam, who goes by the moniker Pink Reptile Designs and is the owner of ZigZagScraps.  She has an exclusive guest spot over at Pickle Berry Pop, so I have been rearranging like a mad creative team member for her:
First off her Simply Chic {PBP exclusive},  this is an all black and white kit and very elegant, my team mates astounded me with their pages and I gave it a whirl, with her yummy papers and some flair styles:
My little Anna, so many years ago, cute as can be, just as she is today!

Cozy Christmas Day {bundle} by Pink Reptile & Valc Designs and over at Zig Zag Scraps also.

My girls playing under the tree, on Christmas morning, many many years ago.  This collab is full as ever kit that Pink Reptile Designs has in her store! She is energetic and creative! Keep a sharp eye on her, she is everywhere!!
Then the ViVas! This layout was birthed out of The ViVas Heart of the Ocean and playing with some freebie actions.
I took a pic of my kids running towards me in our empty moving van and love the whole feeling, I hope you do too!

Kaye Winieki! She is remarkable and this collab Santa's Little Helper is brought to you by The 3 K's: Karah Fredricks, Kate Hadfield & Kaye Winiecki:
The pure excitement of talking to Santa about your heart’s desires and the joy at the words Santa spoke to you. This was the best Santa ever.
The Playday at SBG was Studio Em-ka, and I had a blast. Thank you to Studio Em-ka for her fabulous fun kit Oh Boy that got me off my duff to scan and scrap this memory.
 oh what a bad picture, lighting is off, scanned in...but you couldn't pay me enough to take it away. This is the first watching my boy play....see we had just brought him home to be our son FOREVER....goodness, I think I am tearing up typing this...
I wrote those words in the credits in the gallery, and they are so true.  This is something to remember.....that a perfect picture is one that holds a memory, not the exact lighting!

This next layout was done just last night...I drank a full pot of coffee, and opened Lynn Marie's kit (not even released yet).  The dandelion fluff was on my page before I could even think of what I was going to do.  I enjoy working with every one of the ladies I create for, but there is something in Lynn-Marie's designs that touches me, and makes me think...yeah, deep, I know...blame the coffee, but I got to mixing papers and playing with text paths, and had no idea if I had a photo to go on the page.  I needed something that would bring it together, but not take away from the blowing dandelion fluff! I loved the movement that was created...
then I found an old photo, taken of our shadows in a shallow lake.  I simple used multiple blend mode and the photo settled itself into Lynn-Marie's designs. 
to have a big family was my dream 4 children and waiting for more....laughter and love in our home....more than a wish, a dream come true.
touched by Lynn Marie and her new provocative designs Unwritten the elements   and Unwritten the papers, not yet released, but will be soon! ♥
~never lose your joy

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Unica said...

Anne, they are so gorgeous! I love that of your boy with all the tools... and the one with the photo of your shadows... so, so dreamy. You do beautiful work.