Friday, June 10, 2011

Back in the saddle!

Almost 14 days without even opening CS.  Moving took it all out of me.  Hubby got my puter all set up, the internet man came and hooked me up.  I didn't even want to open it.  I had no desire.  My camera sat looking at me mockingly.  Then came the Tangie machine! That woman, seriously I wish I could bottle her up.  She can motivate me like no one else.
The Art Journal Caravan had this coolest Adventure Quest this month, a scavenger hunt.  It had me rolling and laughing, sorting through my stash and wanting to play.  Now you can laugh if you want to, because I laughed making  it, here is my first page back from the abyss of non creating:
I also want to tell you that Tangie (in her spare time) figured out WordPress and made the most beautiful new website. Please pop over and re-sign up for RSS feed or just go everyday and enjoy!

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Chris said...

Welcome back! I know how it is to try and stay away from these computers, I think my body has molded to my chair for life! I will, I will get out of it one of these days! I love your layout!