Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ready for a recap!?!?

It's Saturday morning and I need to do a quick recap, so I can post tomorrow on the bird watching adventure!
The month is zooming by, but started with the most hilarious evenings with Monopoly!
Can you tell who won!!?!??! ME! I won! I ripped that money out of their accounts, I laughed at their poverty! I was the winner!! ME! ME!  It was a grueling 4 hours of fun!
I made this layout for our 2011 Book:
Then a night out on the town, the burg of Marysville! A new restaurant!
 Oh yes, that is Panda Express! We are all lovers of Chinese Food and so excitement and joy was overflowing to stuff our gullets with MSG and soy sauce!
 Anna using chopsticks, but look very, very close.  She doesn't take them apart! She just uses it like a big shovel into her mouth.
 Eric caught with a mouthful and chewing, I am the mommarazzi!
 Oh Gabriel, breath hon.  Don't you love Anna's total disgust at her brother's manners?
 oh Eric, is no longer digging Mom and the ever present camera!
 Oopsie, looks like Eric got that look from Tony. I need willing subjects!
 There, snuggle up here Abby, lets do a picture together!! We achieved our goal! Stuffed to the gills, and we waddled back to our van, happy  people!
 The rain has been pretty non stop this winter.  We had a taste the last year, but wow, this is the rainy, muddy, foggy, stay inside season in California! The boys have been playing numerous games of monopoly and Risk

The rain made me resort to cleaning my room!! Before:
and AFTER-I can hear my Dad, "Now, if I can just keep it that way!"

A quick dinner or lunch idea!!
I had defrosted chicken, but did not want to make anything fancy! We had rolls left over from Sam's buy and Tony mentioned Chicken Salad.  I roasted the chicken breast with garlic and herb seasoning.  Then we shred it all! I put ample amounts of mayo, a few squirts of mustard, salt and pepper and served on broiled rolls!
What pray tell is in that glass? oh that would be pickle juice.  Yes, makes my tummy roll, but my kids, well a few of them enjoy it!

Abby drinks a bit too, but I could not take any more pictures of them drinking the stuff!
Woo Hoo I am up to almost date!! Tomorrow see my parents and experience the bird watching of Mosquito Beach!

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