Tuesday, January 25, 2011

argh...back to the drawing board!

I think last week I ate anything that wasn't nailed down, and didn't walk any further to the potty.  Not good, my pants are feeling tight, and I feel like a bloated animal hit on Interstate 5 in July! HUGE!
I just got back from the hardest walk, the one after not walking for a while! I pushed it through, the weather is darn gorgeous, I have no excuse.  So, back to the low carb, pass me another naked hamburger patty life!  It works, I just can't go nuts.
So, good lead in to my parents coming to visit!Cause they are nuts, and I am doing my best to be nuts also, passing down family traditions and all!  My parents (especially my mumbly) are very knowledgeable about birding.  That is identifying birds.  They drove up Monday, and the fog was miserable. So, we just ate.  That is seriously what we do best!!
Yuba City is the middle of the migratory pattern for Canadian Geese and other birds, so I was real excited to spend this time with the kids and my parents.  Good bonding and laughter, while sneaking in learning opportunities.  We are in the middle of biology and studying birds at the moment.
Sunday, before my parents came, I was in Loma Rica, bringing home one of the ladies from church.  I had to stop and take some shots of the birds in the rice fields. 
I am ignorant to birds, crops and how much they eat.  I asked Lisa and she found the answer to how can that many birds be on your rice fields and you still have rice? The rice isn't planted yet.  The birds will move on by the time the seeds are planted, and these birds at least don't really eat the rice, but the other little fun things that live in the water! See you get to learn also! I am a sneaky homeschool mom!

See the flocks of geese in the V? I mean, this is stuff I read in books, this is real, and happening.  My mom explained to me why one side of the V is longer.  Her witty response, "Because, there are more birds on that side!" har har har
I love this woman! She came all ready to show us birds and hopefully we would see how much she enjoyed it and maybe enjoy it also!  My parents brought books, and binoculars and a zeal for seeing birds.
My kids caught it! The girls were remarkable with the binoculars, looking and asking questions.  I  took pictures like crazy.  They were enjoying it! I was beaming!
Gabriel gave Dad's telescope a try, he looked so cute!
Eric is not at this moment in Biology, but will be next year, and he got into it! I was proud of him!

That is the Feather River behind my mom, we are headed to Mosquito Beach, and we had a find!!

A great Blue Heron!!

 Up close, Canadian Geese! The kids were excited!
We saw, red winged black birds, chickedees, finches, and many others.  It was remarkable how they came out of nowhere! I would never have saw most of these without my parents pointing them out. Not just in look there is a bird, but what kind it was, and more!

There's my mom and her shadow, Anna!
What an awesome time! I have to have at least one pic from the back! lol, Abby who is continuously connected to my Dad!


Crystal Jeffers said...

O Anne you should take them all out to the place the homeschool group did a field trip to. It was free and they have some great sites to see some birds. :) Or there is the place out in sutter.

It looks like you all had a great time.

Pressed Petals said...

great photos as usual. your parents trip me out. it's like looking at you! good for you keeping up on your no carbs!