Monday, January 10, 2011

My eyes are crossed and I am exhausted!

Three full weeks off from schooling! Three weeks! INSANITY!  I have to admit I enjoyed it alot! I scrapped, I played, we had a relaxing Christmas, said yahoo to the New Year and went to bed.  I did a whole lot of organizing, but not a whole lot of scheduling with the organizing. The organization and matching with scheduling takes actual hands on timing. That is what today was.  Review, or starting new! 
This is my Abby in her robe at 7AM, 26 degrees, ice on the ground letting the chickens out of their little coop! This is the beginning of the day! I wanted to stay in my pj's are finish reading my awesome part two book of the Mitford Chronicles that my dear friend Peggy let me borrow! They are beyond good, they are wholesome and special! I loose myself in Mitford!  I want a dog, I want too paint with watercolors...
Oh no, I am a mom who homeschools.  Back on track, focus, focus......
This picture was my plans for the day.  Bible, Bills, Coffee (in large amounts), dye my hair.  I have to digress again, the gray on my head is so white now and fluffy, when I lift the (feathers of the side of my hair, it looks like downy eaglet fluff). The metal tin has our bills awaiting payment, and the looming checkbook to balance!  the screen is the little job I do for Tangie at SBG (scrapbook stuff) and my calendar!!The blue folder imom with smile face) is the SCHEDULE we use for homeschooling, and under it all is our new curriculum.  Nuts and Bolts of Formating - Learning MS Office Word 2007.  

We also jumped into Write Reflections for all 4 today too.  Why? Because each of my children can tell stories that can make you see the things happening, but I need to get them to write things down!  

So it is 4:10pm, my hair is still sporting white fluffs, my computer area looks like it blew up, the floor is covered with now defrosted things from the bottom of my kids shoes.  Three of the four are with dad at archery, Anna is coughing and sick in the backroom playing Oregon Trail.  I am tired.  I am gonna go make some Honey Chicken, new pots, and steamed carrots, and then have one more pot of coffee!! oh I mean cup...or do I??


KK said...

I absolutely LOVE the Mitford series!!! Father Tim just cracks me up! Jan Karon is an excellent writer to say the least! So glad you are getting to enjoy that story!

Pressed Petals said...

i think i listened to at least two of the series awile back. may have to revisit. you've been busy!