Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My dad is the bomb!

I have learned a lot from my parents.  I giggle now, I call and my Dad has caller ID on his TV, so he always says, Hello Anne Marie! I just love that!  My dad loves to cook, and always has different twist to recipes, and I try and get those fun things from him!  He told me to put lasagna noodles cruched up in my turkey soup. I did it after Thanksgiving and it was heavenly.  The thing is we don't like turkey except for Turkey Soup!
Yesterday, my precious Anna had this horrible scratchy throat and cough.  I said what she needed was Chicken Noodle soup! Her little eyes got all happy.  So I roasted a few chicken breast last night after dinner, and saved the water from boiled new pots and steamed carrots and used that as stock with chicken boulion, and filled up my stock pot!
I put a frozen bag of mixed vegis and the carrots from last night into the pot.  The chicken I shread, cause I love it all textured, some like to cube.  I then add the lasagna noodles!  Crunch them up!
It is kinda fun, half the time the noodles are all messed up and broken, so it felt like getting back for all those times the noodles were broke in the past! I put it on to boil then simmered for a few hours! 
That is one big pot of soup!  I turned it off, and the noodles soaked up so much moisture, I had to put 6 more  cups of water and 3 bouillons!


Sandra said...

oooooooh my, that soup looks delicious!!!
is Anna all better now????
send her some warm hugs from Suriname ;-)

Tanya said...

That's a REAL Dutch Oven that you're cooking in! Love it. What a great idea to add the crunched up noodles to your soup, I'll try it. I have a box of lasagna noodles, pre-crushed :). I have to admit though, I tried your cake ball recipe and it didn't work out very well. We used white cake, lemon frosting and white chocolate. Not only were they too sweet, the texture was wrong. Wonder what I did wrong?? Advise me Anne!

Tanya said...

That's a REAL Dutch Oven you're cooking in! Love it!! Have you ever tried cooking your soup outside on the ground? Easy to do with that pot. I like the lasagna noodle idea, I'm going to try it. I already have a box of pre-crunched noodles :/. I have to admit though, I tried your cake balls and they didn't come out right! I did white cake, lemon frosting and white chocolate. Not only was it too sweet, the texture was all wrong. What did I do wrong??? Advise me Anne!!

Tanya said...

My goodness, I wrote a comment, it disappeared. I rewrote the original comment, it disappeared. Then my original showed back up!! If you get a zillion similar comments from me...just laugh! I am!!

anna said...

I love your chicken noodle soup