Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fast over-Bills Paid!

Whew....I don't look as bad as the girl in the picture, but I always admired her as a kid!

The fast was a doozy...but I am so proud of the kids, they did Mon and we treated them to Red Robin after New Convert Class last night to break it! We were beat!

Tony and I just finished the church books for June and our home bills. We are doing the bills together, which is wierd for both. We both need to understand where and why's. The hardest part in our finances is redoing how we did our bills for so many years! We double and triple check everything!

I now shop once a week, instead of 2 weeks at a time, with a 3 month fill up on meats at Sam's! That still is a hard adjustment. I am getting it, and it helps to keep waste down. Scheduling in the time is the hard part. But I'll get it eventually!

The church books are easy....but I like to send a little something with the Alamogordo Gold Sheet! Cause I love you guys!!!
We are celebrating Eric's birthday for real tonight. KFC for dinner and cake! (I hope)

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