Sunday, July 6, 2008

got the band - need the place

A few weeks ago in Oroville, we were able to meet and hear the rap groups and the new pastor and wife of the Redding church. Jeremy and Angie H making up Refined Vessels. They also have a teen rap group called 180. Great talent and they were available for the impact team Tony already had scheduled from Vallejo! Soooooooooo, they are coming 19th of July, the impact team from Vallejo and Oroville coming to help in the evening also. The dilemma; having at a venue where people will come! Tony has a back up plan for a park, but has some other hopes out. He is talking with a drive thru coffee shop and a few other places that let people have car washes.
Totally off topic; but folks here
have car washes to pay
to bury their family.
Your prayers for favor for a good place would be greatly appreciated! This is our BIG summer event!
The picture here is the flyer I made for the event! I am kinda excited about it as I am learning some new techniques on the Elements program. If you click on the picture, it will make it bigger so you can see it fully. I would appreciate any and all constructive criticism, especially if I missed something!

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JulieDorris said...

Awesome Flyer! You are really doing great with elements! Frank and I just got it from my mom. Can't wait to master it like you have. Love ya!