Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Remodeling Back Patio (part 1)

Jordan age 3, looking out the windows of back patio
 When we first moved to our house. (May 2012) The Littles were little! lol. It was a play room.  Jordan spent a lot of time in time out away from the other kids.  They could ride their bikes and play Legos in the room.  The screens took a beating as the Littles would shove their hands against it.
First fellowship at our new house
We started having fellowships from church at the house and the big enclosed patio was a great place for the food.  Come winter, Tony and the boys put up thick plastic to keep heat in and the cold winds out. Many fellowships thru the cold happened in this back patio.
November fellowship brrrrrrrrrrr
 It was tight with everyone in there, but warm and full of laughter! Much fun was had.
In 2013, Mom hornswoggled Eric into putting lattice with a border on the outside of the patio.  The screens were being beat up pretty bad. This was to keep them safer.  He did a great job! Mom tried to incorporate an ocean them. Decorating this place was tough!
4th of July
We had a big 4th of July Blow out in 2014, and I think it is the best the place looked! Mom had filled it with plants and patriotic decorations.

left is shelves of storage invading the room-plastic up 
 Then it became our dining room/fellowship hall/storage/catch all patio.
notice broken ping pong table?
 Mom tried to cover all the storage with blankets, table cloths...but it didn't fool anyone. It was a disaster. Broken ping pong table and toys. Legos ruled the ground and ants invaded due to the dining room being out there too.
Not to be dissuaded, We even had ERic and Rachel's reception there. YIKES!

We had such high hopes of totally enclosing it, making it square footage to the house.  We had a few contractors come out and the price was so much more than we had budgeted.  So..................
PINTEREST! and a marvelous blog Old Things New by Patti!! (she actually wrote me an email after I thanked her for blog post)
This is her photo of her patio, using paint drop cloths that changed our sadness to an open air patio to happiness!

 Go and see her transformation! It is amazing, and we were able to follow it to our patio!
We cleaned EVERYthing out, but the pool table and the refrigerator! Mom took a photo and then went to work with her photoshop to show Tony what it could look like!
Photoshopped using different add on's from the internet!  We did wind up buying that actual table set, and the blinds that are on the windows.  The sheers become paint drop cloths and our fans are white!  

 And now the after!!!
 OUr first small fellowship! Tony also got a full sized pool table to go along with it!
 The "littles" playing pool with Dad at night in the back patio, with curtains closed!
 The other side of freshly painted and cleaned patio.  New walls up too. Stay tuned for during remodel photos!
This was today, it is stormy and very very windy! Tony and I spent lunch in the patio..NO dirt! just a lovely time!

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