Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Remodeling-the work behind it all! (part 2)

Woo Hoo! We began, with lovely weather! Tony took a few days  off from work, and we dove into the remodel of our catch all back patio. Tony prayed before that we would not get angry and it would be a fun experience!  We were gonna clean all the walls, the nasty cinder block and ceilings! Luckily, I have a way cool steamer!

McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam System 

This thing is amazing, I steamed the cinderblock and it looked almost perfect. Attaching the extensions made cleaning the ceilings and walls so much easier! YEAH!  
Tony  then caulked with this special cement caulking.  Jordan loved this stuff, as it smelled like frosting! It took forever to dry, and I kept finding Jordan in the patio, sniffing the cinder blocks!  Goober! Anytime anyone would come over to check on our progress, Jordon would explain the yummy smell of the caulking. 

The east side and one section of the north wall was to be paneled.  We also did the west corner of the patio too. (We being Tony, but I watched and cheered). The nasty old aluminum screen doors came down too! 

The pool table with its cover became our work station. It quickly filled up with tools and such.  The new screen doors were so beautiful.  I thought if we only did that, the patio already looked 100% better! The old ones were broken and held together with duct tape. Jordan is behind Tony, probably sniffing the frosting scented caulk!   The time was going fast, but Tony was on a mission to get things done! We couldn't paint the cinder blocks yet due to the caulking taking so long to dry. The helper of the week was Whitley, so he got to measure and be part of the cutting for the paneling for the walls.  It was a great help for Tony!  I love how happy Whitley looks too! That smile and the beautiful new screen door are reason to celebrate!  Stay tuned for the next installment of the Remodeling the Patio!

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