Saturday, January 16, 2016

Scrapping our life continues.

As the challenges continue at The Lily Pad, so does my daily scrapping pages.  I am determined to finish my May/Jun/July book!
Here is Day 13-StoryTelling.
We are not a family that does long good byes I dropped my parents at the airport, and then watched in the rear view mirror as they went away. I grabbed the camera and got them going in the door. I cried and cried. Having them here at at my home was such a great time. They were a huge help for the wedding and reception. I was so proud of them and think they are proud of me too. Living so far away is a pain when you want Mom to come over and show you how to do something. Sharing recipes with my Dad is way more fun in person. I know that California is their home as New Mexico is mine, but it doesn't stop me me from wishing . After they are gone, I think of all the photos I should have taken, more hugs I should have given them. Tears flow as I remember how much I am indeed loved. Mom and Dad, I love you so much and next time I might just take one more hug to go.

Day 14. Where I Stand-

Day 15- Repeated Elements
Why is Gabriel wearing a yellow flower in his ear? Because Sage Marie asked him too. Having them here for Eric’s wedding was a joy. Gabe and Sage Marie had a special connection.

Day 16-Using Paint as a Photo Mask
When I took these photos in May 2015, I knew I wanted to do a paint page, it has been ruminating in my head all this time...oh I adore this challenge.
my mom, whose hands hold so much and never seem to stop moving.
It has been a fun week of scrapping. The kids are all working or in school, so it is nice to sit and scrap a bit, clean, then oh yeah, then scoop up gallons of water, when the washer explodes.  Life at our house continues! 

~never lose your joy

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