Tuesday, January 12, 2016

smack in the middle of MOC'16

The Month of Challenges.  Yep, everyday for 31 days in January, the Lily Pad, a little place I go to help me create digital scrap pages!
Today is Day 12 and I am up to date! Here is a quick update of the 12 pages I have done: (and if you want to jump in and get the instructions, I have the title linked)
DAY 1- Blind Scrap (Inspiration Challenge)

DAY 2- Listers Gonna List (Journaling Challenge)

DAY 3- Text Spacing (Technique Challenge)

DAY 4- Photoless Layout (Style Challenge)

DAY 5- Embracing Imperfection (Photography Challenge)

DAY 6- “This is My Song” Image Challenge (Inspiration)

DAY 7- Filled Template (Template Challenge)

DAY 8- One Word (Journaling Challenge)

DAY 9- Scrap Therapy Challenge

DAY 10- Extraction with a Twist (Technique Challenge) I actually am the hostess for this, and you can see my goofy video on the site too!

DAY 11- Scraplift (Inspiration Challenge)

DAY 12- Embellished Template (Template Challenge)

I am having a blast scrapping memories and will be back to add some more next week!
~never lose your joy

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