Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Goings ON

I have a few forums I am enjoying, both are Christian based with focus on being a homemaker. I seriously love being a wife, mom and homemaker! Pure dream job for me.  I have been totally decluttered my home. Three truck loads to thrift store and so much more to the garbage. I am almost embarrassed how much stuff we had.
Fall is coming, and that means I bring the plants out of the patio.  Tony put five hooks in the ceiling in front of our row of windows. It is amazing! I watered them easily this morning, able to take the dead leaves off so quickly. 
Part of my big Tidy UP is to keep things that bring JOY.  I love my baskets, they were strewn all over the house. I used them as catch alls. That had to stop, but I could NOT put them in the go pile.  I took some nails and popped them on the wall in our foyer.  They make me happy there and I don't have to worry about filling them with clutter!

The office has finally evolved into a usable room.  Chinese checkers is played on a daily basis. A friend gave me some carpets and I have popped them all over the house. I am loving the feel it brings. So homey.
The same friend also gave me some beautiful red pots for plants. They are big ones. I was able to put my plants inside them this morning and love them. I will post on them later!
~never lose your joy

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