Friday, September 11, 2015

The Red Pots that bring such JOY!

I love red, really red! I have too be careful not to go to crazy, and make sure I have some accents walls or colors to neutralize the red! But when I can get little extra bits of red, I jump at it! Wednesday, I spent some time with some friends that have moved here to Alamogordo. They are from Boston and their son and DIL (one of my besties) live here. They escaped the weather! lol
They are both pure fun to converse with all the time. They bought a trailer that was filled, I mean filled to the brim with stuff. Carpets on top of carpets.  The people before were very neat and organized hoarders!
Before I left, I had to take a package of toilet paper! It is tradition! They have so so so much! They have really whittled the piles down, selling and giving so much away. They had these pots...oh beautiful pots. RED! They gave me 5! all big, 2 very big...I didn't want to put holes in them, but just popped the plants old pots and all right in them today after a good scrubbing. Here they are:
 I adore this tree. Having it inside, makes me ready for fires and thick stews simmering! We got this tree a few years ago. My girls and I had to move it from the man's house, and into the truck then into the house. It was big then, but it is HUGE now!
 I think this is a corn silk plant? I had another one, but it got infested with tiny bugs. I tossed it out! YUCK!  See my water pot? Another great find on our local on line
Happy plants, happy me!

 Yeah, red walls, but I love them! Decluttering and painting makes the house so clean and fresh!

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