Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Golden Years?

As I wait for the pills that numb my urinary tract to take place, wincing in pain. My hubby reminds me that my dad says, "And these are supposed to be the Golden Years?" I laugh as tears roll down my cheeks. Tony does a quick run to Walmart for the cranberry pomegranate juice that helps.
Self inflicted UTI.  I got lazy, Stopped drinking water, drank lots more coffee, iced tea, and Rock Stars.  Also over indulged with high carbs and sugar. Now I pay! ugh
Pushed thru and went to church! Was so incredible!  I sat in the back due to having to go to the restroom so many times! But what a powerful morning! I plan on sleeping today, and going back tonight!
The Littles are doing so good in church...well, until we got honme and J "found" a car from another little boy. Always keeping us on our toes!

The pills have kicked in and I'm tired!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That picture is hilarious.

Jenn (jk703) said...

Ann, I thought of you today. (Very coincidence with timing... I noticed you started blogging again!) Wishing you and your family well! Your posts are uplifting. :) Stay happy and share happy! Hugs. Jenn