Friday, October 11, 2013

as I ease off into lala is more week in the life

I finished the gray in my dining room that goes into the "conservatory".  I am trying to change the rooms name from home school room(we don't homeschool anymore), but it has a nice table, bookcases and my desk in it...and I always loved the purple conservatory in Clue!
Anyways, here is Saturday, and I have to admit I am not done with Sundays, but I will try tomorrow..try..try..

I also painted my little accent wall in the walk way from kitchen, past the laundry room to the dining room the most deepest darkest red possible! 4 coats of that baby...and it looks delicious! I am beat, but tomorrow the conservatory YELLOW, creamy buttery yellow, to butt up against the charcoal gray! Excitement builds!

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