Sunday, November 14, 2010

A week with revival, school, and all that stuff! Wow

Pastor Jeremy Hocker from the Redding Church,  (you have got to go to that site!! I am so impressed with it), any ways, Pastor Hocker came for a week long revival! Sun morning, evening and then Mon thru Thursday night!  It was incredible!!  We had first time visitors become second time visitors, words given, and testimonies of healings!! I am pretty excited!!  Our little building was full!! A big thank you to the Oroville church for coming and supporting us! 
It was a fast paced week! The Hocker's have 3 children and they were coming with their mom for the last evening of revival and.............................the kids were staying at our house for a sleep over!!!  My kids had Thursday off from school, but wanted to clear the schedule and did 2 days of school extra in one day!  I was mucho proud of them!!

We conquered some of Rome, going back harder in Story of the World, so we are going back a bit to Greece and will come back to Rome in a few weeks! Julius will have to wait! But the Gladiators were learned, so Gabriel was happy!
Me in desperate need of a haircut and posture!  Goodness, I am clutching my coffee like an addict!  Tony had the camera and was snapping pictures! I have a few of him, and he will thank me for not posting them! ha ha ha
My cat, Lady Fluffy Pants, she now sleeps by my feet during the evening, this is her in a yawn,

she was wanting to go to bed, as in my bed, the basket isn't conducive for stretching out!  ha ha
Biology for the 4/5th combo is moving to the Plant Kingdom!  With the Christian Kids Study Biology book, we kinda of do it like Story of the World.

Read, narration, vocab and fill out a daily sheet! One of our big stumbling blocks for my girls was finding the answers in a block of text.  We started working together, highlight the word, now look around and find the meaning.  Thinking about it a bit more.  I am trying to teach them a bit more independence in the subjects, so I can throw it to them and say "Get 'er Done!!"   Now I have looked in awe at home school blogs at the drawings some kids do in school.  I have to say I was impressed with my kidlets:
They labeled and drew the ferns I pulled out of the ground in our front yard! ha ha was supposed to be flowers, but we cheated!  
My poor Gabriel! His glasses broke so he is wearing my reading glasses (huge on his head) for school.  I let him take them off for the picture, so he is posing here!!

Just a great picture of Mr. E!  I didn't think he was going to grow and now it is happening, and it kinda freaks me out!  He is a blessing to us!! Even when I want to kill him for being so much like me!!
The sun setting in our back yard!  I love this, because I know the ocean is that way!  I really love living here in California, I can almost feel west now, so my directions are way better!!  It looks like fire, doesn't it?
We did get a package this week, and it is on our list of to do, once we hit the Bird section of biology:

Yeah, I can honestly say, I never thought I would order bird pellets!  But there they are 15 sterilized droppings from a Barn Owl.  We will be dissecting them to hopefully find a skeleton of past meals!  The joy of the food chain!!
I live you with a funny man: Tim Hawkins


Julie (It is.) said...

I'd be in sad shape direction-wise if it wasn't for the mountains. Cloudy days are killer! I might as well just stay home. Oh wait, I do that anyways...

I feel the pain of the broken glasses. I've always been so dependent on mine :(

Lady Fluffypants is a beauty, and appropriately disdainful. One would not expect less from a self-respecting feline.

Glad church meetings went well!

Pressed Petals said...

First, I LOVE your new avi! Very pretty! Miss you. We are starting up home bible studies. :)
So glad you guys had a great revival!

Pom said...

Anne... Saw at DST that it's your birthday! Well, I wish you all the best! Have a great day with your family. Stay fun! ;)