Friday, November 5, 2010

They are moving and grooving!! Morning in our house, everyone making breakfast!  I was taking shots and these made me laugh, yeah, they are blurry, but I'm a mom, not a professional, and you have to know my kids, they are moving all the time!!

Eric is the overseer, he keeps an eye on them all, and then eats! It makes me giggle!

After school, they play some games (not realizing they are still actually doing school)!! 

We had just finished Egypt, and made our own Senet game.  It is with beans, colored sticks you throw in air for points!  They played all rainy afternoon!! Eric even joined in with his high school self!  But come on guys, I need pics of your faces...Pose for your muther!!
Scary things!

One of my favorite times of the day:
Dad is home!! I love this man!! Seriously, this next shot, see he is smiling cause he sees me taking pictures and loves me anyways.  I weird, he knows it!
One of the great perks of him going to work at 4 in the morning and being a Pastor is we get to see him during the day!  He comes in and out, and when he can, tosses a few baskets with the kids.  Eric loves these times.  

That morning Gabe and Anna had gone to the eye doctor for tests, and each had their pupils dilated.  It was wicked sunny, we had just had a rain storm the day before, so the air was clear as could be.  It was very painful for the kids without the handy dandy eye protectors. 
You put them under your glasses so you can see, and they won't fall off, but leave it to our Anna to be original:
One side in, one side out!  She is Anna, an original! I check for blond roots often!
Gabe squinting, but what form!!
Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, and we do church!! But that afternoon, we carved our pumpkins:
I thought someone had passed gas, it was very noxious!  I was lighting matches and blaming Abby.
We finally figured out, that Anna's pumpkin was rotted.  It was so disgusting.  I put the top back on and instantly the smell left!! So, that pumpkin went into the garbage! ugh  Dad gave her his.  She was happy, it was a cute little pumpkin.
Eric carved his out on his own, it was a huge one! Gabriel started his, but made Tony nervous with this huge knife all bending.  Gabriel had whiskers to be cut out and other intricate thoughts.  Dad helped him:
Goodness, look at that young trim man helping Gabriel!! Oh that is my hubby, so cute!!
For our Sunday evening service, Tony showed M10-28, and we were so excited to see Greg and Sherri and the kids come.  They would trick or treat after church!! This is HUGE!! 
It was very good also, because Alyssa had a major pain in her neck. Tony prayed for her.  Greg is really into prayer and loves it!  She said it felt better, I watched her during nursery, and she was moving her neck better.  I did nursery for the movie, because it is a bit scary for young kids.  Sherri rededicated her life to Jesus.  They hung out for a while after and that was awesome.  You can see Angie and Alyssa in the nursery all in their costumes.  It was a joy to be with these precious girls!  I tell you I love nursery! That has to be God!!

 Tony took the kids home to get ready for Trick or Treating!  They were so excited! It was still early!! lol
 So that closes October out!  Stay tuned for good reports as we begin revival this Sunday with Pastor Jeremy Hocker!!
So here they are, 3 rabid home schoolers, and their headless horseman brother!


Patti said...

oh darn, I don't know why I can't get your pictures to load? I will have to come back here to check later..

Fhung said...

You and your lovely family are hilarious!!! So enjoyed reading your posts, Anne!!! Missed you at the chat today!