Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life is beyond busy!

this home school is taking some time, well worth it, but I have to sacrifice some of "my" stuff...and scrapping is "my" thing. I wrote dear Lyndsay Ritchie and told her I had to step down, and she made me weepy...I am on a few months sabbatical with her blessings and the team has been just as supportive! That really helps, because I know once our schedule gets kicking I will have the extra time to be a full time CT for her. So go and see what she has coming out over at Scrap Orchard, her kits are fun and funky!
I am staying with Doris Castle and Carolyn Kite(who is at PickleBerryPop) now. I love the ladies over there. I think I must have Aussie blood in me, or Charlie did a transfusion on me...cause I am so comfy with those ladies from down under....
speaking of dear Carolyn, she has a new kit for her grand hello to Pickle Berry Pop, and it has the most lovely fall colors.
I love the colors, I think I am being drawn to the oranges and fall colors strong right now...must be the thought of rainy days and fires in the fireplace...but I pulled some pics of Anna from last year at the pumpkin patch:Anna wanted to take home the biggest pumpkin in the patch. I told her she would have to carry it! She just had to be able to pick it up! ha ha
So I am happy to have scrapped...tomorrow back to the books and grammar!


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