Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny funny girls!

My daughters can make me laugh so quickly, they really do both have such a joyful spirit! I had downloaded this kit from Amy Sumrall over at the Lily Pad. (I was a guest for her in September, but sadly couldn't stay due to being overwhelmed with homeschool and CTing). So, I knew the girls were itching to make mac and cheese by themselves, so I thought I can do some posed pics and showcase Amy's new collab kit Mac and Cheese..well we got a few posed pics and then the giggles, I wanted one to kiss the other, and they were both waiting for the other and saying no, they weren't gonna do it, while laughing and giggling in a way that only 10 year old twins can! Uncontrollably! I am glad I had the camera, because I laughed and laughed while taking them and while making the layout!


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