Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Catch Up!

Okay, long winded post but with lots of layouts!
First off, I am really getting behind dear Netta of Creative Victorian Designs (CV Designs)! Netta over the past few weeks has become a rather close friend! She got me on that silly IM don't get all happy, I can only do one person at a time, it is too time consuming! ha ha
Anywhoo........CV Designs is a one woman store, and the quality and love in it is amazing! I have been doing QP work for her for a while, about 21 kits worth!
Then Netta asked if I would host a challenge for her forum, sure, something new and sounded is! I am up to 3 challenges now, and love watching the scrappers improve and excel!
I then asked if I could be on her CT! She graciously said yes, so here is my first official layout with CVDesigns, Autumn Mist.This is our Saturdays! Four kids, three soccer games, long wait times between!
It is done with a template from Armina, a freebie with Pickle Berry Pop's template challenge!
Now this is a good switch to Carolyn Rose Kite, another top notch lady in the land of designers!
Carolyn is over at Pickle Berry Pop, being an admin and designer, and I got to go with her as one of her faithful CT members. She must have had a ton of kits up her sleeve, cause I have been busy with that.A neighbor when we still lived in New Mexico, Mr. Cliff, who has passed away, but is in our hearts and we know he is in heaven! This is done with Carolyns kit: What a HootI think I was in a wacky mood, but I opened this kit from Carolyn and the flowers looked like eggs to me..and I had all these pics from my french toast I used Spring is in the Air
I hooked up with Amy Sumrall for September, because she is just plain goofy! Her designs are completely different from my usual picks, they are original and upbeat, and strentched my brain to the limits, but I wanted to show some of them off: Amy is over at the LilyPad!
I hope you enjoyed my little catch up!



Me said...

Anne, it's SO nice to "see" you again! Lovely LOs!

eilajean said...

Hi Anne,

Remember me? I am that girl who lives in Montana. I am sorry to say I have been so far into missing in action, it gets hard to find one's way back. Today I started with your blog, and am so delighted I did. I LOVE the layouts. They are stunning, but I would expect no less from you. I want to post on my own blog, but do not even kow where to start. Maybe today is the day, but most likely tomorrow.

Just know I have been thinking of you, and am so happy to have stpped by. NEVER EVER lose your joy.


LouCeeCreations said...

Anne your layouts are stunning as ever!