Friday, April 28, 2017

Patio Remodle (part 3) and the Sleep OVER

The caulking finally dried, and we each took an side and begin brush painting the cinder block.  It took only one gallon. We thought it would be more.  Amazing how each step changes how the patio feels! The walls up on the East and West side are all up and gonna be a perfect accent!

Looking at these photos and the nasty fans on the ceiling just make me shudder.  They were so dirty, and just UGleeeeeeee!
Tony kept making me laugh. His motto: Measure ONCE, Cut twice.  But we laughed together thru each oops! Due to it being Spring Break, we had a small interruption with a sleep over in the backyard!

 We got a 6-8 man tent and had 2 of the boys friends stay the night! Siah and Issac A. When we were at Walmart, Jordan found these cool headlamps for $1 each. WINNER for sleep over! They could barely wait for darkness.  There were adventures in the tunnels (water pipes that go under the road behind our house and open up at the foot hills). They love being able to go thru them. The boys roamed the desert and park during the day, and the evening was trampoline laughter and trying to get my camera and their headlamps make funny things with the lights! HIlarious!
Banana Splits at 10pm, and the joy of being able to play on the DS Game things ALL night in the tent! At 2AM, I opened the window and said, they could stay up but the giggling and yelling had to be quieter! Siah was the loudest of them all! About 3AM, it got quiet, until 6AM.  They were on the trampoline, laughing all over again!

 More on the patio redo tomorrow! And the hilarity of boys and brushing their teeth so so good! 

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