Friday, November 6, 2015

Scrapping Mojo and The Lily Pad go together!

I took a leave of absence with scrapping and my dear friends at the Lily Pad, back in May/June. I scrapped zip! NONE! My dear boss, Laura left the Pod door open, and I knocked last week! She let me back! I went a bit crazy, and made so many pages!
The first weekend of the month, The-Lily Pad has a special called Build Your Own Collab(BYOC).  I made 5 pages with all the goodies the amazing designers put together.  Here they are:

1. Grocery Shopping
In our house, this is a big deal and happens  A LOT!  The kids were all out of school, so we opted to all go...oops, no, of course, Gabe was sleeping like a good teen.

2.  Hair Dye Day
The girls in the past have had a friend do their hair.  She is a beauty school drop out, with creativity! They did it all on their own this time. Great fun.

3. Visiting the ER
I have been fighting UTIs for months now, and lost a few times and stuck at the ER, awaiting shots of happy juice.

4.  Stop Time
Before Eric got married, Rachel was out of town, and he came all by himself to the house, and had a fun evening just hanging out.  I love this photo of them all grown up!

5. My Boys with Fros!
The were so fun growing their hair out.  It takes a lot of work. You have to grease it up, pick it out and scrub hard in shower.  After these, we shaved it all off.  The wonders we found inside the fros, ugh. lol

I hope you enjoy the pages!

~never lose your joy

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Farrah Jobling said...

I've missed your! So happy to see you back around the pad <3