Thursday, November 5, 2015

Recap on Halloween 2015

The joy of having older kids! My eldest son and his sweet and precious wife took all of our kids out and about the town for candy! Fifteen pounds of candy came home with them. 
The day had been pretty horrible for Whitley, he was fighting everything and had lost the right to go with them. I am a wimp for taking celebratory things away, and Dad and I discussed it and let him go, but he had to be ketchup.  LOL, that was punishment for him in his brain. Gabe let D use his gas mask, and oh was he happy!  Jordan wanted to wear his size 3T spiderman costume, but would have had a perpetual wedgie.  We explained that cuteness is the factor for high intake of candy, so he went with the pumpkin!
Whit came home with an attitude, and had been a butt to his big brother, so Eric took his candy, Whit cried buckets and stomped off to bed as we all devoured candy.  His behavior has since changed and he apologized to his brother. He didn't get that candy back (because I think Eric ate it all), but has been able to partake in the huge bowl of sweets.
Tony and I played all by ourselves and ate ice cream! Woot, without sharing. 
The page I made is done with Spooky {kit} by Little Butterfly Wings pver at the Lily Pad!

~never lose your joy

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