Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Easy Houseplants for Paula (part 2)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's blog about easy house plants.  I should point out, that Paula is a dear friend.  She just had her whole house remodeled and it is nothing short of gorgeous.  She has more windows now, and wants to bring in some plants. She also has a semi good green thumb, it has taken time, but she is getting it, but wants some quick green in her beautiful home.  This blog series is just for her, you may follow along as guest, and learn. tee hee

Dragon Tree, Dracaena, Cornplant, Chinese Moneytree 'Lemon Lime'

Dracaena fragrans

I have always called this tree, a Corn Silk Plant.  No silk, no corn, but that is what I called it. I bought two of these off our local resell site. We had to bring them across town, in the back of our truck. It was a rough ride. I transpanted them into bigger pots that very afternoon.  One of the sets went into a heavy shock.  Patience is not my forte. That plant eventually became infested with nasty bugs.  I dragged it into the yard and tossed it out of the pot.  The hot desert summer sun killed the bugs and the plant as it withered out there. But, this one lived! Yeah! The roots, they are so little the tree will fall over easily.  I will eventually pour large rocks on top of the soil to steady the tree.  It is very happy in the pot it is in right now. 
In my research of this plant, I found that it one of the best house plants for removing indoor air toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia, xylene and toluene.  
Finicky, it what this Ficus tree is known for and as.  I so agree. I have repotted, watered, ignored, shook, and babied this tree to live. It too came from another home and I bought it for the cool pot it was in too. Ha ha...the pot would up crumbling, and the tree sits in a nice pot and that is in a cool red pot, I hope one day it will live in. 
As to shaking, I guess, because the ficus are fromn Asia, and has two seasons, wet and dry, and with rain, comes wind. So, when I water...not every week, but when it gets wicked dry.  I water and do a good shake to the whole tree.  It loves to have it's branches moved. I have it by a lamp, that you put your arm thru it to turn on. The tree thrives on touch and movement. Weird? yeah, but it helps it stay alive!  I want another ficus..but goodness they are indeed finicky!

Buy this from HOME DEPOT! Because, they will replace it when it dies, and LOL, it will die!
The Home Depot unconditionally guarantees all tropical, house, and landscape plants (only perennials, trees, and shrubs) for one year. A perennial is a plant that is expected to live for more than two years. However, an annual is not expected to live more than one year. If your plant dies just bring it and your original receipt to a Home Depot store and we will replace it or issue a refund in accordance with the terms of the refund policy.You MUST have the original receipt to get a refund or store credit. If the plant is no longer available at store location or through a product search, a store credit will be issued. 
They look so good at the grocery store, Walmart and other places! Don't be weak. Buy from HOME Depot.  I have had so many of these, and they die easily! 
It needs lots of light. It seems to do much better in the summer when it is in our back patio.  The winter is a pleading to keep it alive. The like to be sprayed with water bottle. They also get bugs. UGH! So I put a little soap in the spray and keep that under control.  I have started using a fertilizer, and this Majesty Palm is doing okay, but I think, come spring, I will get a new one from Home Depot. lol

 This monster: The Umbrella or Schefflera as it is scientifically known is my happy, happy plant. It is huge! HUGE! I have had it two years, bought from a man who had it in a dark room.  My girls and I moved it laughing and heaving it up into and then out of our truck. It takes a dolly and my hubby to move it in and out for the season change. When this tree is happy, there is absolutely no leaves on the ground. But oh, over water, underwater, or not enough light, and it will rain leaves! I pour water in this weekly, almost a gallon! it drips into the bottom pot, so there is no sitting in water. I have little ones of these also, from clippings off this tree in with other plants throughout the house too. It plays well with others.
That is all for today, tomorrow the end of this series, and I hope you enjoy!

~never lose your joy

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