Friday, October 23, 2015

Day 23-Spending Less and Enjoying Life!

The month has been nothing short of insane! We had a couple emotional crazed days. My 8 year old "ran away".  After school, he hid, cause he didn't want to take an earned nap.  He was found, but the drama was beyond my emotional level. Hubby had to take off work, police, nutz oh time. Hubby said, we are eating out. We did!
The food bill has been kept low. The menu system is a HUGE help for us.  
Then we learned that old phones, even unactive ones, can access our wifi.  Yep, our precious Bigs had old phones, and quick fingers late into the evening on not great sites. We knee jerked and pulled internet out of the house.  Laughing that we would save $70 a month on that bill.
Living without internet is almost impossible. We do all our bills on line, I was having to call hubby at work to check account, or lug the laptop to the slow and sometimes not able to connect library.  We had it turned back on.
We did decide to get rid of our smart phones. Bye Bye Verizon! Big Bill. We had to pay off our two smart phones, but due to the tight food budget, and no frill month, we could and did! 
Hello to Straight Talk and total bill of $70 for a month to month dumb phone that fits in our pocket. 
That is almost $100 savings each month also. We are going to try and sell the Note 4, smart phones and recoup some of the smart phone, but are also chalking it up to a learning experience.  I like to say, I don't think I am important enough to have a smart phone. 
A really fun thing that has happened, is our use of left overs in new and fun ways.  I took left over steaks, and old rolls, a couple green peppers and swiss cheese, and the most delightful Philly CheeseSteaks! They are a hit, quick easy, and wrapped up in foil, to stay warm are a great let's go kinda meal.
It is working! 

~never lose your joy

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