Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fellowshipping People

I grew up in a home that was filled with people other than our family.  My parents love to feed people.  This is a love they have passed down to me abundantly!  When I gave my life to Jesus Christ in 1988, I was a single lady in the US Air Force, not a whole lot of money, but to feed people was something I loved to do.  I would have a house load of people and serve popcorn and koolaide!
Fast forward to 2013, fellowship and "breaking of bread" is still a major part of our lives.  Especially in a church smack dab in the middle of revival.  Weddings, baptisms, guest evangelists, babies being born and any other excuse for eating means making a whole lotta casseroles and things for potlucks!  This week, there is one bachelor party that the married men are asked to bring a dish (lol, their wives make) and then the same man is marrying a delight of lady this Sunday and their reception will have so many people, that help was called on to feed them all!  That, and the fact I have 7 children, doing a day of preparing was in order.
 Spaghetti is one of the easiest to get done for the reception.  I do recommend cutting the noodles in 3rds or fourths for easier eating pleasure (less splatter for consumer) hahah I really try and pick up the marked down meat whenever I can at the local Walmart.  That along with Great Value generic brands helps the budget too!
 Two pans in the middle of getting it done.  I fry meat and then pour the sauce equally and then can add the noodles to get a full pan!
 Here are the ingredients for the enchiladas, but I am not doing those til after lunch!
 Next up, Creamy Basil chicken casserole.  I got these at our super duper Community Connection Thrift Store.  It has "expired" food or damaged cans/boxes for great prices.  I picked up 4 of these boxes in thoughts of upcoming potlucks!  That along with a marked down boneless chicken thigh package I was in bidness!  Make friends with the yellow sticker man at your store!  He gives me heads up for sales to come along the week, and I pop in the store at 8:30am with hopes of sales!
 I chopped the thighs into bite size chunks.

 Boil the enclosed noodles, they were different texture, but I liked them, and they were already short too. 
 Chicken all cut up.
 While I am doing the Basil Chicken, I have the other package of chicken par boiling for the enchiladas. 
 Here is the chicken with the seasoning, the cream and roasted tomatoes (all included too)
 Two pans! One for tonight, and one for the wedding reception Sunday!
 Another good buy from the thrift store.  I tried these last week with company on Friday! Big hit.  So the bachelors on Friday night will have some homestyle mac and cheese to devour!
 Remember the chicken boiling?  Pulled out before lunch and now is cool to shred for enchiladas.
 Save that stock!!
 The construction of the enchiladas, hey I am getting ahead of myself.  As some of you know I am into a bit more healthy now, and frying things is a big NO-NO!  I use the chicken stock to soak my corn tortillas in for flavor!
 See the tortilla under the water??? It is so yummy!
 Shredded chicken, onion and green chile' all ready for the enchiladas
 There we have it, two speghettis (one for the wedding on Sunday, one for tonight), Chicken Basil (one for tonight and one for the wedding) Both enchiladas to the wedding and the mac and cheese for Friday's boys bachelor party!
Dishes are done, dinner is done, and I am satisfied! All but tonights are in the freezer and will be heated up for their expected munching!

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I wish I were there! Your post made me hungry!