Saturday, June 2, 2012

One in tub...must be Saturday!

As little J3 enjoys a bubble bath and the excitement of having a new toy, aka colander,  I sit and do a recap of the week
Monday was a holiday, and my dear hubby got hit with bad allergies and topped by irritation by the fires here in New Mexico. The skies have been filled for a few days with brown nastiness.  The sun is a deep and vibrant red as it sets each night.
Rather magnificent actually, if the air would be clear.  My youngest boys are really having a hard time with their noses too.  Tony got some relief Tuesday at the doctor and some antibiotics.  I was so glad!  He has a lingering cough, but is pressing in and being his awesome self.  Fixing tires, scrubbing my kitchen and encouraging us too.
This week started the FREE breakfast and lunches at the school.  With seven children, this is a HUGE HUGE help.  We go to two schools for breakfast, so the boys get full.  Then go to 3 at lunch, but the last one, we just relax and let the little ones play on the playground as it is at the park.  We bring water and just enjoy the time.
Anna cut my hair this week, and I cut 5 inches off Abby's hair too.  We are ready for the hot weather!
I am gonna have to bring her to the beauty college to make it even, but she is so sweet and just loves it short and easy to manage.  Anna needs hers relayered, so we will give that a whirl next week.
We had some friends over (Jim Larry and his beautiful bride Wilma) Friday night for some bomb diddly bagoki elk and General Tsaos chicken. 
Eric was rather excited, as he found a scooter for sale for $140, and went and withdrew cash, and got it for $120.
Yes, I was freaking and yes, I will pray, but I am so proud of my son.  He is a good driver and very responsible.  EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeek! What am I writing, I am totally freaked and can not believe he is on this thing! lol
I close as my poor little boy's fingers become wrinkled messes.  Great week and more to come in the future!

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Goodmorning Ms. Ann, just wanted to thank you for sharing. Love your blog. D